From the Principal’s Desk
Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

                                                                                                                Edward de Bono

  Education fosters creativity in young minds; innovation and positive social values are its by-products. All students have hidden desire to give vent to their feelings and innate thoughts. They are keen to express and share their ideas and talent. The KV, Pragati Vihar Website is expected to be a medium to ensure that the inner fire within them is not allowed to remain dormant. I hope it will give them an excellent opportunity to share their views and creative abilities with their fellow-students, parents, and with the society at large. It will develop a sense of confidence and achievement in them.

  The Vidyalaya strives, not only for academic excellence, but gives ample opportunity to its students for participation in co-curricular activities, including adventure, sports and games. Their social and cultural interaction with fellow-students and members of the society while participating in various events inculcates a feeling of ‘belonging’ and a spirit of cooperation and tolerance in the physical environs of the Vidyalaya. However, there is a limitation in conveying their talent, creativity, emotions, and sentiments through activities in the physical world, there shall be no such boundaries in the cyber world. Students and teachers will be able to use their intellect and expression to present their ‘concern’ and sensitivities towards the happenings in the society and interact with fellow members of the Civil Society worldwide. Expression of free and frank views is of great value to the student community.


S. Kapur

From the Chairman’s Desk

  I am happy to learn that Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pragati Vihar has recently set up its web - site. Not only useful information and material can be posted here for the benefit of students, parents and general public, but this could also serve as a medium for creative expression both by the students and teachers. I compliment the Principal and the staff for this new initiative.

Baldev Mahajan