Mrs. Savita Kapur, a KVS Incentive Award winner, took over as Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Pragati Vihar, Lodhi Road, New Delhi in June 2002. Earlier, she worked as Principal at KVs at NOIDA, JNU, Rangpuri, and OCF, Chandigarh .

Born in 1946 and with an excellent academic record, Mrs. Kapur joined KV, Manauri (Allahabad) as PGT (Chemistry) immediately after completing her M. Sc. from the University of Allahabad in 1968. She completed her B.Ed. and M.Ed. while in service in the KVS. She was appointed as a Principal in KVS through an open selection in May 1988.

In addition to a number of papers published by Mrs. Kapur, one of her major contributions, Curriculum Guide for teaching of Science at the Plus-2 level was published by the Central Board of Secondary Education. This was the outcome of the work done by her under Indo British Collaboration (between CBSE and Chelsea College ) for development of curriculum material for Science teaching. Her dissertation: A Review of Advanced Training in Science Teaching submitted to the Chelsea College London earned her the Associateship of the Chelsea College, University of London. She was selected twice, once by the CBSE to undergo Advanced Training in Science Teaching at Chelsea College, London and second time by the Chelsea College, London to prepare a Teachers’ Guide on Science Teaching at the Plus-two level. She completed her post-graduation in Science Education from the University of London.

In early 90s, Mrs. Kapur initiated and undertook a highly innovative project on ‘CHILD-CENTERED ACTIVITY-BASED’ teaching under the scheme ‘Strengthening of Primary Education’ in Kendriya Vidyalayas and was honoured with the KVS Incentive Award in 1995. The success of her project on the Child-Centered, Activity-Based teaching culminated into a major work in the form of an Activity Book ‘Khel Khel Mein Seekhain’ published by the KVS in 1995. Over the years, she successfully implemented the project, personally, at Kendriya Vidyalayas: JNU, NOIDA, and Pragati Vihar.

With a clean and impressive record of 38 years of service to the cause of education, Mrs. Kapur brought laurels to every Vidyalaya that she worked for. It was under her stewardship that KV, NOIDA won the prestigious Government of India first prize in ‘Computer Literacy’ for the State of UP. Board level examination results of her schools have been outstanding all through with her students having joined various IITs, medical colleges, and won National Talent Search scholarships. Many boy scouts and girl guides from her schools have won President’s award and have been selected for attending the National Jamboree at Sri Lanka .

On the school front, Mrs. Savita Kapur introduced a number of significant innovations for an all-round development of her Vidyalaya and its students. Consequently, her Vidyalayas attained higher standards of discipline, studies, and co-curricular activities. While paying special attention to the needs of the weak and poor students, she has ensured that the lust for knowledge of the bright students was adequately addressed to. Mobilization of community resources for the benefit of the students, inculcation of high social and moral values among students and staff, and excellent relations with local community and the sponsoring authority are indicative of the achievements of her Vidyalayas. KV, NOIDA successfully implemented a “RAIN-WATER HARVESTING” project, which was the first of its kind in NOIDA. The entire rainwater is used to recharge the ground to ensure availability of water in plenty in the vicinity.

During her career as a teacher and as a Principal, Mrs. Kapur directed, participated, and acted as a resource person in a large number of in-service training programmes, workshops and seminars at the national and international levels.

With "pursuit for excellence in education" being the goal for achievement of her school, Mrs. Kapur expends all her energies in guiding and motivating the teachers and students for innovations and creativity. She tries to ensure that the teachers are up-to-date in their knowledge and that they use the state-of-the-art methodologies in their teaching. Her emphasis is on continuous improvement in areas of 'academic excellence' through involvement of all the stakeholders - the students, the teachers, the parents, and the community. Believing that there is always scope for improvement towards perfection and that there is always a room at the top, she strives to take her school to reach that top position in the field of education.